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tv   [untitled]    April 18, 2015 10:30pm-11:01pm PDT

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silence. when you are silent that means you don't care about black lives. you can complaceants in your racism. it is important fortuse demand you to take action. we demand you stop profiling targeting stopping frisking and killing black families. we demand our community review board are effective and have jurisdiction over the san francisco police department. we want a educational system that encourages currents and historical [inaudible] and want barriers to learn to be dealt with professional and compassionately. we demand you in the name of public service give up 80 percent of the department budget to refund school libe rarz, arts program and education and after school enrichment program. we demand a over hall of the police bill of rights. we demand police
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offers receive pay without leave when under investigation. we demand you fire all killer cops [inaudible] we demand a stop to all abuse and violence against mentally ill. we demand to stop to all of you against >> thank you very mump. next speaker, please. thank you. next speaker, please >> i just want to preface this with spl visor wiener, you mentioned the armenian ginicide. there is a genocide still going on against black people in this country especially in san francisco so, thank you. we ask that you recognize that too. you guys should probably say that every week. we demand police chief greg sir salary-that isn't a demand. we demand local hire
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policy that insures 50 percent of the jobs created by new business in the communities go to black people and disinfran shzed especially those on probation and parole. we [inaudible] as a result of the development in the south east sector of the city and other undesirable outcome. we demand 50 percent of the jobs at the new nba warriors stadium should go to people of colored and [inaudible] such as those on parole and probation. we demand that you create a task force comprised of the most impact td community member tooz devise a plan that allow frz the abolishment of prisons and create a community base response to violence and crime that [inaudible] stand in sal darety with new york and
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ferguson-this is row dickulousism i'm afraid to walk out of my frick nl door >> that you can very much. next speaking, please. >> we are here today. i'm sure some recognize my face. i want to say thank you to comose and avalos for coming out and showing your support. i hope you are pushing as hard as you were out there to your colleagues otherwise what is the point. i want to extend a thank for supervisor kim. thank you for being a example of what we expect from our supervisors. >> excuse me while a speaker is speaking can you be silent in the chamber and not interrupt >> for everyone else sitting in this room, some have personally said that when the people come to you and pressure you that you will do this work. i am well aware of rad. we
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will talk about housing for a minute, but the majority thf folks effected by rad are not. there is under 4 percent of black people left in the city. rest achured we are the next historians, educatorers and journalists and if you allow that to continue and don't do anything to assure those people get in the housing we will make sure you go down in the histy of the state as the folks that let the last black people be pushed out. dopet you let you call yourself a multicultural city when you haven't done anything to make sure you have done anything to make sure we are multicultural >> thank you. next speaker, please >> hi, can i have the--sfgtv,
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please. hi. let me start. my name is t [inaudible] some people have already seen me from my work in community as a community leader. i am the owner of a service [inaudible] right here. he was taken charge of-illegal circumstances by a non profit rescue. based on-i feel like i have been discriminated and i'm here to propose or ask if the city can look into this a little further
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because as a person of color and i identify as creal black, i just feel like where haven't gotten any attorney or access to due process and that actually violates my 14th amendment to be able to get my service dog back. again, to the people know know i have challenges with my life, but i'm amazing with the dog. my dog doesn't--my dog does not live like this. i actually have [inaudible] unfochinately that isn't run very humainly, but it doesn't mean that i
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should be deprived of my service dog and my ada rights. i wundser if the board of supervisors can look beyond the picture that i am presenting here as a person and see me as a person with human rights. jnchlsh thank >> thank you very mump. next speaker, please >> how is everyone doing today? my name is-it is on? my name is demarian gibson and author and student and activist. it perplexes me that thigh 8 million dollars is being spent on weapons and that isn't counting the taxpayer dollars going towards police weapons or military bases in japan and palestine and across the world, latin american, you have 300 million spent on a
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prison, but you don't have-there are 300 kids going to elementary school now that are homeless. there are people living on the streets. there are people that can benefit from that money in so many other ways. you have millions of dollars that you are willing to give to people that are opressing people, but you are reluct tonight spend on education and firing teachers. you empower people who want to supress people and giving money putting people in jail and not keeping people out of jail. you are giving money away that doesn't benefit people. from the moment i walked in the room, but gentlemen here approached me with the most animosity. as long as the pow ers that be depict people of
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color in a manner that associated them with inferior or negative we'll continue to have this negative prejudice encounter. initial incountser. i can't change what i look like, but i will say i urge the police to change their mind. the initial encounter you have with people. we don't have trivan martin and [inaudible] >> thank you very much. sorry sir, your time is up. next speaker, police >> you work for us. >> my name is austin jones. i comxh as a student of city college of san francisco and a
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graduate of the [inaudible] in bay view. this one is more specifically pertaining to lundden breed the president of the meeting >> you need to address your comment to the board as a whole and not to a individual supervisor >> well this one is for the-everyone knows. i and you do stop discrediting the black [inaudible] or minimizing the black lives matters movement by referring to black on black crime. as you can see right here there are many pages, many many people are murdered by police in the past 4 months alone. blacks on black violence-the attention needs to be brought forth but stop minimize. because poverty breeds violence something we don't touch on, i would like to
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know how you will work to raise the minimum wage policy. you can't wait until 2018 for a 15 dollar raise considering it seems as though the rent is going up every single month in the city. along with the stress factors that come along with that. second, it is also the education or lack there of that can also contribute and i would like it know how you are willing to bring books to children in our schools that are not second hand. money towards infrastructure where black neighborhood rds not last on the list to get a education that gives black children self acwillization as it did for me at age 19. the youth are watching as you casual wale look that cranes building new buildings. you are breeding anger along a lot of black and
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latino chern watching the grand parents kicked out of the itisy >> thank you very much. next speak, please >> i'm here to say when black lives matter. quh i walked in into the building i walked in with a senior citizen. she was in a wheelchair and named [inaudible] the many sheriff deputies are were unable to let her have access to the building. i'm out raged by that. you is all these sheriff deputies and no one can work the ramp. we are empowering police and sheriff departments with hamp billion of budget for the police alone and they are killing people. we know black and brown people are murpdered in the city and we arrest 312 out of 1 thousand black people. thais 1 in 3 compared to 28.7.
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there is 11 to 1 ratio of arrests between black and avenue wn else. why do you find it necessary to incarcerate as apodes today house and provide opportunity? i rise that coming with police terrorism. to say this stands no more. we will no longer allow harassment of fathers and brothers and sisters [inaudible] i want to speak affordable housing because the discussion earlier was outrageous. i think economics in general is a false science. i hear the economics propagated by supervisor wiener - >> we stop your time when i interrupt you. >> that is a ubsurd rule that sedges we can't address specific supervisors. as i was saying, the false economics prop gailted in the chamber is
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outrageous. we have it tools we need to create affordable housing but your pockets are leaned by people that [inaudible] demand on aconcept of filtration >> we'll pause your time for a minute. i asked time and time again, can you please allow the speaker to speak so they can finish their comment within thtime they are given >> i lost 2 seconds from your interrupt >> we'll add time back >> it is at 8 and it is at 10 >> can you add to 10 please >> we'll make sure you have 10 seconds sir. thank you. i just need to find my notes so please holds for a second. the folks that argue we can build our way out of the crisis ignore the fact that there is a concept saying the housing will filter to the poor is racist is
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clasest. the fact is you had the resources to builds your way out and don't want to because your pockets are [audio cut out] >> thank you very much. next speaker, please >> one second please >> i was born and raised on 12 avenue since 1973. my mother was a san francisco unified school district teacher. she work frd the severely handy cap so the money she used for san francisco city to pay for the house i was evicted out of because i went to san francisco state and got my fasters in social work and didn't become a attorney. i had to deal with sheriffs coming to my house, my child at 17 years old got evicted during
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the school semester. i watched the sheriffs knh into my house and if i was crazier or upset about the situation i could have killed all of them and they didn't pay attention. what i want to say to the board and i have been to rich monopoly-mind district and went to the wrong supervisor and told my story then went to the right one thrrks is nuther you can do i was told. you have people like me that [inaudible] after they mother passed away all i had to do is pay taxes and the water and pge and that is all i had to do. now i have to commute from bether wealther place, but that isn't the situation. i would rather be where i am where i was. what do you think people like me end up doing? not to myself, but to other people? half the people that bauthser me about
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my house are not from san francisco. like i said, i have been to the san francisco state and graduated with a double ba and masters. my childrens mother she was born on 47th avenue. as san francisco supervisors and voizs for the city need to do more because there are people like me that are suffering. i shouldn't have a housing issue >> thank you very much. next speaker, please >> hi, my name is [inaudible] san francisco state university. i would like to start off by saying a quote from thomas jefferson a controversial president in american history. he says when injustice becomes law aresistance becomes duty and i-with me but it also
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reflects in the type of man and politician he was that spews rhetoric without understanding the role [inaudible] in his time and that reflects heavily on what i see today. many talk about housing and many issues which you lack understanding about. eeben one person saying they didn't 7 percent [inaudible] you have secretarys and assistance to help you get the numbers, but you should understand the information. most of the stuff you talk about and had the arguments about you sound like children talking about [inaudible] you don't have detail on. you are not philosophers [inaudible] none of you know what you dwoog from the sound of it. before you spew rhetoric please understand your role and the greater [inaudible] please understand your role in creating the 73 percent of houses built in the mission
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that are luxury and are affordable. while you lack the understanding of the 7 percent i bet you know the 9thry is there and benefit from the 93 being there >> thank you very much. next speaker, please >> good afternoon everyone. my name is brent. i'm a san francisco native born and raised here. i say that to say this, being my time is limited i'll be as concise as i can be. the only way that folks can get you all attention is if they bring legal action against you. as you all know those of you that understand law, before one can bring legal action against a government entity got to file a tort claim. i have proof that the city and county of san francisco is breaking
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the law on the level of potentially accusing or potentially having violated the reekal act. i'm a disabled person according to social security administration. i'm part of a protected class under the ada and have proof that the human suvss aensh has vimeted the ada, the reeko act, the unrule act, the rehabilitation act of 1973 scr other applicable law. number 2, my comment to 2 fold and based on time i'm limited to the things that i can say. in regard to the sfmta, i'm going to read to you exerts from a hearing, 2 hearings. first hearing, 469950. let me read the last part of this hearing. it says
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here as far as the decision is concerned, it says here a muney, a violation of muney rules is filed. that is just one hearing that i had. the second hearing states there was a violation of rule 4 aut.1 five and 4.17. this is in regards to muney buses >> sur, thank you. thank you very much. next speaker, please >> hi, my name is john [inaudible] and resident of central market. i would like taactually mention the 7 percent affordable housing thing that people have talked about here today including the supervisor squz audience if they don't mind [inaudible] i guess they don't want to know. there is a [inaudible] 1979 mission that will build a total of 3079 units if you include
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the off site they are funding. my understanding is that is including 90 units that are affordable. that would improve that 7 percent, but some people on the board of supervisors and in the public and the non profit sector have advocateed gaens that building. to hear they are complaining about 7 percent being built but they are against a buildsing that will bring about 27 percent affordable, it is strange. i would also like to say that i support supervisor wieners in law legislation expense and hope fen many of you in the historic neighborhoods who represent the historic neighbors where big build outs are not always possible will also dotioning like that in your areas >> thank you. any toret member thofz public that would like to provide public comment
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at this time? seeing none public comment is closed. madam clerk can you read item 30? we'll take each item individually >> a resolution to denounce ind yania state [inaudible] coauthored by cruise, snideer and [inaudible] under the guides of religious freedom >> supervisor wiener >> thank you very much madam president. anded a continuance given a change in indiana which is not puffificate. we wanted to work on amendments and distribute them to you. i want to make 2 small changes, one on page 3, line 12, the word directs a on the advise of city attorney, we change that to
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urges. line 20 inserting the word a between passes and law. i would like to make a motion to make those amendments. >> supervisor wiener made a motion to amendment the legislation z second by supervisor companys. can we take those without objection. those pass >> i understand these are not substant tv so it won't require continuance. the state attorney indicates that is correct. colleagues what happened in indiana was really dispickable and frankly as horrible as it was it is a helpful reminder that with all the progress we made in the united states or many parts of the united states around the civil rights and basic human
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dignity of lgbt people that we continue to see a political at mississippi sphere where people in elected office think it is okay to propose and vote for bills that take a class of americans and classify them as second class citizens. we see this around immigration and with respect to the lbgt in the community. it is important that as we get marriage equality in more and more states that we remember many many members of the lgbt community have no employment and housing protections and in fact we continue to see legislatures pass laws that say we are going to empower people to discriminate against lgbt people. it is good the state of indiana was forced to step back and monday the law. there are other states that tine to
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pursue this type of legislation have other forms of legislation discriminating. it is important to go on record and think this amended resolution does this well >> thank you supervisor campose >> i want to thank supervisor wiener for the amendments and i think one thing this will require is our department or all of us to become-be mindful of the fact that there may be additional pieces of legislation in different parts of the country that are introduced and i'm afraid with prez dense election coming up this is probably going to be more ofa curns, but i think it is important for us to be on record and to the extent that departments do not sponsor any state that actually does that. thank you >> thank you sfr visor campus. at this time we'll
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have a roll call vote on item 30 >> avalos aye. breed,i. campus aye. christensen,i. cohen, aye. farrell, aye. kim, aye. mar,i. tang, aye. wiener,i. yee, aye. there are 11 eye's. >> thiz regz lose is adopted unanimously. madam clerk can you calliteal 31 >> resolution to declare april 14 equal pay in the american sogez of women for leadership in advances awareness orphequal fay and encourage interaction to close the gender pay gap. >> president breed.
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>> earlier today supervisors cohen christensen tang campus and kim held a press conference in city hall to recognize equal pay. i want to thank emily [inaudible] on the kats of wem squn ruburta guise who is with the american association of university women for all their help today and their help to achieve equal pay here in san francisco. today april 14 represents how far into 2015 women must work in order to earn what men did in 2014. equal pay day is a symbol of ha far we need to go for equal pay. full time employed women on average earn 78 cents for every dollar men ern. that figure is slightly better in san francisco. i have seen it where it was 81 or 87 cents,
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but it is till not 100. for women of color the gap is bigger. whether folks have a college education and work in a white or blue caller job, or have childrens women are paid less than men. studies show with personal choizing and experiences are accounted for across industries and at every level the wage gap still persists. when women are undervalued and underpaid they have a harder time making ends meet carrying for the families and sabeing for retirement. the gap hurts women and families and our economy as a whole. this resolution will declare today equal pay day in san francisco and encourage further action to close the gender pay gap. this isn't a problem somewhere else, it isn't something we can pat ourselves on the back and say san francisco solved it already because right here in our own city we still have a
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discrepsancy and can do better. we recognize the challenge we face and highlight what we can do to solve the problem and encourage all san francisco company squz organizations to conduct a equal pay study as the gap did and correct any disparities. we appreciate the work of the gap and appreciate the work of the ecompanies like the gap who recognize this is a issue and we'll make sure they take steps so this isn't a issue in their companies. thank you to all my cosponsors and everyone that joined us to support this resolution. colleagues, i'm back. can we take this item same house, same call without objection? this resolution is adopted unanimously. are


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